Digitally automating the
product fitting process.

PolyMetrix's BioTwin removes the guesswork around quality of fit, digitally fit testing the construction, healthcare and e-commerce sectors.

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We remove the guesswork around quality of fit, ensuring the best possible product fit every time.

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What We Do

PolyMetrix has developed a novel biometric data processing pipeline which utilises a mobile phone integrated data capture system to record 3D facial, hand and foot data. With this data we are currently performing digital fit testing for the construction and healthcare sectors.


At PolyMetrix, we remove demographic bias with our automated data processing pipeline, BioTwin, which three-dimensionally captures human facial, hand and foot data using a smartphone and processes it on our web-hosted servers.
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Automated Cloud Hosted System

Save time and money with our fully automated cloud-hosted system; results from anywhere, any time.

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Bespoke Generative Procceses

No more time spent trying on different sizes, BioTwin gives the best geometric fit.

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Digital Fit Testing

BioTwin enables mass customisation through its rapid automation.

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Biometrics Data Processing

BioTwin runs our proprietary data processing pipeline, delivering complex results in under 2 minutes.

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