Digital Fit Testing

Mass customisation is a trend
With the growth in e-commerce for clothing & fitted devices, there is a need for a digital fitting solution.

Mass customisation has become a major market trend over the past decade - people want solutions bespoke to them. This, coupled with the increasing prevalence of e-commerce, provides a need for an intuitive digital fitting solution that is consistent and recognisable across multiple platforms.

BioTwin is an autonomous digital biometric data processing system, which packages a complex group of technologies into one software-as-a-service system. Biometric processing, geometric manipulation, data capture and additive manufacturing are all embodied in our all in one solution.

Whether an individual works in the construction or healthcare sector, or simply needs a new pair of glasses quickly, BioTwin will find the perfect fit online after just 10 seconds of work.

Check out our news page for more on how BioTwin makes mass customisation as a service possible.