The "Development Marathon"

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The "Development Marathon"

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We're Back!

PolyMetrix is over the moon to announce that we are back! Over the past 6 months the team here at PolyMetrix has been working hard on our core systems, making sure they are GDPR compliant, optimised for commercial use and a delight to use. Internally we have been referring to this set of sprints as ‘the development marathon’ and finally we are finishing the race. 

Over the coming weeks we will dive deeper into our technologies and reveal how we will be bringing them into the UK market over the next year.

Our Developments

One of our big focuses has been the creation of our inhouse mobile scanning app, which runs on all  iPhones from the iPhone 10+. This mobile app has been designed to capture any body part, capturing hundreds of thousands of facial data points in just a few seconds and stitching them together into one cohesive mesh. Initially we will be focusing on facial products, but as we grow so will the variety of product offerings.

Sorry to android users who will have to wait to download our systems, however the good news is there are plans to release the same app on android by 2025, as most of the core systems are transferable.

As well as our mobile scanning app, we have launched our core systems onto the cloud, providing much needed security and protection to any biometric data we are currently storing. 

This cloud system is directly linked to our mobile scanning app; users will be able to upload their scans directly to our cloud systems and pick from a selection of available bespoke products. In just a few minutes your custom designed medical product will be sent back to you ready for manufacturing. Using either a printer of your own, or our manufacturing partners, you can go from data capture to using your new wearable in a single day.

Next Steps

Over the next couple of months we will be releasing the PolyMetrix in-house scanning app, BioTwin, on the iOS app store and with it, a free demo of our system. This demo will run for a limited time only, so keep and eye out for news of the launch!

Over the next year, PolyMetrix has big things planned and exciting news coming soon. As we come out of this development marathon we have many updates to share. Every couple of weeks we will share tech deep dives, lessons learnt and our ethos on developing high tech data intensive applications. 

Watch this space to find out more about how we are helping companies to deliver custom wearable solutions faster and cheaper than ever before.